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Pinch Gel

Introducing our PinchGEL, a gel with unique properties specifically designed for certain applications.

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Please note that the PinchGEL is known to have heat development during the curing process. It is important to exercise caution when using this gel to ensure the comfort and safety of both the nail technician and the client. It is ideally suited for use as a stencil gel, allowing for precise and detailed designs.

Furthermore, the PinchGEL is suitable for extremely long nails and is perfect for creating sculpted nails over forms. Its specific formulation and characteristics make it ideal for achieving desired results in these specific nail modeling techniques.

When using the PinchGEL, it is important to consider the heat development and apply appropriate safety measures. Additionally, its suitability for creating long and sculpted nails makes it a valuable tool in your nail modeling arsenal.

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6g, 15g, 30g, 60g


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